Western Union Money Order Near Me

Western Union Money Order Near MeWestern Union is an organization that provides payment services across the world. Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or an individual they can help you move money electronically.

One of the most popular ways they transfer money is through money orders. A money order is a pre-paid transaction in which you provide the money up front and then the money is sent to someone whom has to sign for it to receive it. This is different than writing a check because a money order can’t bounce.

To receive a Western Union money order you must present ID and the transfer form must be filled out to you and match your ID details. This is to eliminate fraud and stolen money. Handling the transaction in this fashion makes using Western Union a very secure way to send payments.

If you need to buy a Western Union money order you can follow the information below…

Where to Buy a Western Union Money Order?

Western Unions have their own store fronts, but can also be found inside of other businesses like grocery stores. Some businesses don’t have a Western Union inside per say, but do offer the ability to send money via their services. Because different businesses offer their service rates on money orders can vary, but between $0.50 and $1.50 are fairly standard depending on the amount you are sending.

In addition you can also initiate a money order via their website and not have to visit a location. In this case though you need a means to fund the transaction electronically with a checking account, debit card, or credit card. In certain countries you can also wire money directly to your receivers bank account. To send money online, you will need to set up an account on their site and provide personal information so that they can verify your identity.

How to Find a Western Union

To find a Western Union, you can use our map below:

Alternatives are to search Google Maps or Yelp and type in “Western Union near me”. You can also visit the Western Union website directly and input your zip code. Their website will only tell you were there branches are, but not which other companies in your area provide their money order service. That’s why is better to search for Western Union near me using google or Yelp. This should give you a list of businesses that provide their service.

Western Union is a huge company and you can find their services in many locations worldwide. If you are looking for a building they normally have a yellow sign with a large black and yellow logo. Some may just say the letters WU.

Find a Western Union Near Me

Money Order Tips and Tricks

If you are sending a money order there are 3 things that I would advise:

Keep your receipt. In the event there is problem this will serve as proof pf payment.

Track Your order. There is a number on the carbon copy they provide to you. This will help you in the event you need to determine the status of your payment.

Cancel it If its Incorrect. If you have doubts that you filled out out to the correct person, cancel it and get a re-issue. To Do so you will need your receipt.

Where Can I Get a Money Order Beside Western Union

WU Fast and Reliable in My Experience

I have sent and received money via Western Union several times in my life both doing it in person at a branch and also online. I have never once had an issue with my transaction. I have actually been amazed by how quick, affordable, and easy sending money is via their service. Same can be said for my recipients, anyone I have ever sent money orders to or wire transfers to were able to retrieve their funds by simply producing their ID.

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