Find Stationery Shops Near Me

stationery shops near meWhether you need to make wedding invitations or thank you notes, put together arts and crafts, or get high end paper for resume printing stationery shops near you are the ideal business.

20 years ago there were tons of stationery stores owned by small mom and pop businesses, but these are hardly around anymore. You can still find a few, but most of these have been put out of business by companies like Michaels and AC Moore who have cornered the market on arts and crafts and paper supplies.

If you are in need of supplies your best bet is to find a stationery store near you….

Find a Stationery Shop Near Me

Use the google map below to search stationery shops near your location:

The key reason you might want to shop particularly a stationery store is that they are highly specialized. Unlike going into a Walmart where you might only find copy paper, these stores offer paper in different, colors, textures, and weights. These are perfect for resumes or hand making your wedding invitations.

Do Stationery Shops Sell Stamps?

Many of them do, especially the big box retail brands, which often sell stamps by the coil (100 stamp count). So if you were going to DIY your wedding invitations, save the date cards, and your thank you notes, you can get your supplies and stamps in the same place. Not only does that make picking up stamps there convenient, but if they offer awards programs purchasing your stamps at a stationery shop could lead to further discounts and benefits.

Big Chain Stores

With the rise of arts and crafts like card making, you may not walk in the front doors and see the paper products you are looking for. Products like these are often grouped together with like products. So for example pens are almost always located near paper and greeting cards are often near wrapping paper. So if you don’t find the paper needs right away in the shop, look for correlated products and chances are they will be located in the same proximity of what you need.

Some of the big chain stores are Micheals and AC Moore.

How to Find Stationery Store Locations

Stationery Shop Near MeAside from using the Google maps we have above, you can look for areas where there are schools. Rule of thumb is basically, where there are schools there are supply stores and paper shops. In addition you can search for them on Yelp. This is helpful because you don’t need to know the name of the business, you just need to type “stationery shops near me” and you will get a list.

If you don’t have any mom and pop shop stores near you, you can try businesses like Michaels which specialize in arts and crafts. If you still have no luck try Walmart or Target, they definitely carry stationery, but just not in the specialized varieties you can get at a niche paper shop or an arts and crafts store.

Online Paper Stores for Wedding Invites

While I would always prefer to find a stationery shop near me, online is another option. This is particularly beneficial for custom wedding invitations, save the date cards, or thank you notes. Online will give you much better pricing, but the drawback is you can’t put the paper in your hands to feel the texture and weight of the product.

The best workaround if you can’t find a shop near you is to use an online stationery store and ask for samples. Most companies will send you sample invites so you can touch and feel the paper before you order.

Stationery is Not Dead

While electronic communications have taken over the world, paper still has its place. Sure there aren’t too many pen pals anymore or lovers writing to each other via mail, but no classy person is sending email invites for a wedding. If you need to print a resume to bring to a job interview, its best to put it on some nice looking paper. Find a stationery store near you and get creative with some paper.

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