Does Office Depot Sell Stamps?

Does Office Depot Sell StampsDoes Office Depot sell stamps? Absolutely!

Office Depot and Office Max has maintained a consistent value over the years, hence the company has retained its customer base for decades. It only offers stamps in books of 20 so you can’t find individual stamps there though. It will be ideal to get your item weighed before you purchase your stamps, and the reason being that the amount of stamps you buy will depend on the weight as well as distance at which your item will be mailed.  At most locations you can ask up at their print services desk and they can weigh your package for you. It will be good to know that they sells stamps at the same rate as you will get them at post offices and courier companies.

LocationCategoryDays OpenWeekday HoursStamp Qty SoldStamp Type
Office DepotOffice SupplyMon – Sun8am – 9pmBooks of 20Forever

Where to Buy Stamps at Office Depot Near Me

Just like other large store operators in the country, Office Depot offers a store locator that makes it is easier for everyone who need stamps. One of the greatest features of Office Depot is that the company delivers products and services in more than 35 states in the country, hence you can be rest assured that your book stamps will be delivered through a store near you. In addition to online delivery, you can make use of a store locator on the Office Depot website to locate a nearby store quickly. This will find an Office Max also since its the same company. You need to put the city, depot number or zip code in order to identify the nearest store. Once you identify the store, simply walk into the store and inquire from the front desk for the availability of stamps.


Can you buy stamps at Office DepotThe online Office Depot and Office Max locator will not only reveal the nearest store to you, you can also check for the operating hours of the store near you. Generally, Office Depot and Max operates between 8 am and 7 pm, on weekdays, however, some stores are opened on weekends, including Sundays. If you are constantly asking yourself the question of where to buy stamps at Office Depot near me or an Office Max near me, you may want to enter the miles within your area to identify one within the specified miles.

Can You Buy Stamps at Office Depot – Does Office Depot Sell Stamps

Frequently we are asked does Office Depot Sell Stamps? You can actually buy postage stamps at Office Depot or Office Max, either by cash, debit or credit card, and of the store near you allows online purchase, you can get the stamps delivered to your address within few days. If you are lucky enough to find a store near you, you can simply walk to the front desk and inquire about the stamps. Office Depot also provide online inquiry form as well as contact phone numbers and email you can use to contact a customer care service provider of the company.

Does Office Depot Sell Stamps and Related FAQ’s

  1. Does Office Depot sell stamps? Yes.
  2. How many postage stamps can you buy at Office Depot? Books of 20 stamps.
  3. How much are stamps at Office Depot? The same price as you pay at the US postal service.
  4. What type of postage stamps does Office Depot sell? Forever stamps (nondenominational).
  5. Where are the postage stamps located in Office Depot? You have to ask for them at the register.
  6. Can Office Depot weigh my package or envelope? Yes
  7. Does Office Depot sell envelopes? Yes.
  8. Does Office Depot sell money orders? No.
  9. What Days is Office Depot Open? 7 days a week.
  10. What hours is Office Depot open? Mon – Fri 8am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 10am -6pm

What Else Does Office Depot Sell?

Office Depot and Office Max are most famous for selling office supplies, and it currently operates some 2,200 stores across the country. Office supplies such as office furniture, stationery, printers, computers, and computer accessories and software and sold at the stores. The company has been diversifying into other products over the years and one of the newly introduced products are stamps. Office Depot has a wide range of different brands it promotes, these include; OfficeMax, Grand &Toy, Viking Direct, TUL, Foray, and DiVOGA. Other products being sold include shipping services which include the sale of stamp and international shipment of items.  Technology is the main or primary concern, hence you can find different brands of computer hardware and software at any of the Office Depot stores nationwide.

History of Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot is one of the largest office supplies stores in United States of America. The company is relatively younger as it was formed in 1986 by Patrick. F. Sher. It is a public retail company that is currently listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. As at the year 2013, there are 1,912 Office Depot locations nationwide, with some stores found in Europe and Canada. In 2015, Office Depot was nearly bought for $6.3 billion by its rival- Staples, however, the deal was blocked by the Federal Trade Commission.

As at the year 2015, Office Depot was generating an annual revenue of about $15 billion, while the annual operating costs stand at $115 million as at 2015. As at the year 2016, Office Depot hires some 49,000 staffs nationwide. By size, Office Depot is one of the largest office suppliers in the country, with branches in the UK and some other parts of Europe and Canada. Office Depot increased its operations rapidly from the early 1980s to early 2000s by acquiring smaller organizations, including, The Great Canadian Office and Supplies chain, and Wilson stationery & Printing Company.

Aside from the office supplies, Office Depot has been involved in several environmental programs which involves the concept of “Buying Green”, “Being Green”, and “Selling Green”. There has been several initiatives to support the company’s environmental programs, these include; The $20 million  year that ensures that the company reduces its reliance on electricity , and reduction in carbon emissions by more than 10% , and across its facilities. Office Depot has been a success story since it was founded and the legacy remains the same. Easy International Shipping

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