Does Giant Sell Stamps?

Does Giant Sell StampsDoes Giant sell stamps? YES!

Giant is a popular grocery store that sells US postage stamps. If you are interested in buying stamps at a Giant super market you can obtain them at the counter from the sales clerk at checkout. Giant grocery stores only sell nondenominational Forever stamps in  quantities of 20 stamps. They do not sell individual pieces, you must buy a book of 20. The amount you pay for US postage stamps at your local Giant grocery store is the same as you would pay at your local USPS post office.

LocationCategoryDays OpenWeekday HoursStamp Qty SoldStamp Type
GiantSuper MarketMon – Sun24 HoursBooks of 20Forever

Where to Buy Stamps at a Giant Near Me


Giant grocery stores are popular large grocery stores that carry typical items you would find in super markets such as milk, eggs, meat, chips, beer, snacks, and produce. If you are wondering does Giant sell stamps, the answer is yes. If you are trying to find the location of a Giant near you, you can utilize the map above or use their store locator here. When buying postage stamps from them, they are kept up at the register and/or the customer service counter. If you are still unsure if you can buy stamps at Harris Teeter, you can always call ahead and ask.


Can you buy stamps at GiantGiant Food Stores  operate  in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Some stores operate under the name Giant while others are called Martins. Most Giant Food Stores and Martins are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but it may vary depend on the region on size of the community the store is located in. If you are looking for your local Giant grocer than use the store locator located in the top right corner of their website. Just input your zip code and it will find the closest Giant super market to your proximity.

Can You Buy Stamps at Giant – Does Giant Sell Stamps?

I often get asked does Giant sell stamps? Yes you can purchase stamps at Giant Food Stores. In fact buying postage stamps at your Giant super market is as easy as buying any grocery item from the store. When you purchase stamps you will need to inquire up at the register when you checkout. You can only buy them in books of 20 and they are nondenominational Forever stamps. The cost will be exactly the same as you pay at the United States Postal Service. If you need to weigh your package or envelope, Giant technically can;t help you with that, but you could use a food scale in the produce section. That is a quick way of figuring out how many stamps you need.

If you are not sure if your local Giant Food Store sells stamps, you can call and ask customer service or look for a large blue sticker up at the register that says “First Class Stamps Sold Here”.

Does Ginat Sell Stamps and Related FAQ’s

  1. Does Giant sell stamps? Yes
  2. How many postage stamps can you buy at Harris Giant? Books of 20 stamps
  3. How much are stamps at Giant? The same price as you pay at the US postal service.
  4. What type of postage stamps does Giant sell? Forever stamps (nondenominational)
  5. Where are the postage stamps located in Giant? You have to ask for them at the counter.
  6. Can Giant weigh my package or envelope? No
  7. Does Giant sell envelopes? No
  8. Does Giant sell money orders? No
  9. What Days is Giant Open? 7 days a week
  10. What hours is Giant open? 24 hours

 What Does Giant Sell

Besides postage stamps, they sell standard items you can expect to find at a  grocery store such as milk, bread, eggs, produce, meats, snacks, and beer. Some Giant locations have ATM machines, pharmacies, banks bottle recycling, delis, and Coinstar machines. Prices at Giant are similar to prices you would find at other grocery stores in your area

History of Giant Grocery Stores and Super Markets

Giant Food Stores began in 1923. They actually started out as a meat market and were owned by two butchers in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The business was founded on the premise of  “the best product at the fairest price”, which the company still stands behind.

Eventually the butchers opened a store in Lewistown, PA and called it Giant Food Stores. It was drastically different from the Carlisle meat market because this was a full fledged grocery store. This store was designed to be modern and offered consumers dry goods and perishables. This eventually led to converting the Carlisle butcher shop into a grocery store as well.

Nowadays the Giant Food company continues to grow and aquire smaller super market chains and convert them into large super markets.


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