Does FedEx Sell Stamps?

Does Fedex sell stampsDoes FedEx sell stamps? The answer is a simple yes!

FedEx is one of the largest courier companies in the world and they do in fact sell USPS postage stamps. FedEx will not only sell stamps, it provides shipping services domestically and internationally. The amount of stamps you will need of course will depend on the distance at which your parcel will be shipped and the total weight of the item. FedEx will weigh your item before selling stamps to give you an accurate price. FedEx shipping rates are competitive, and the company sells both individual and book stamps.

LocationCategoryDays OpenWeekday HoursStamp Qty SoldStamp Type
FedExCourier ServiceMon – Sun7am – 10pmBooks of 20
Single Stamps


Where to Buy Stamps at FedEx Near Me

FedEx is dedicated to shipping items locally and internationally. Unlike big stores in the country, FedEx solely provide posting and shipping, hence there is no doubt that you will find the right stamps in the nearest store, especially when you use the online store locator. Aside from their usual FedEx offices, the company do have smaller offices where they deal with enquiries, selling of stamps and postages, especially in localized regions where the main FedEx offices are not located.

Fed Ex Locations

FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, however there is no state in the country where you wouldn’t find the company providing full services. In addition to having offices all over the United States, FedEx is also located in more than 150 countries of the world, making it one of the largest courier companies by size.

From the FedEx website, you can make use of the facility to identify the nearest office near you. To buy stamps at Fed Ex online, all you need to do is visit, and from the search box located at the top left, simply type your city or state and click on “filter”. You will see a map satellite on the home page which you can use to find the specific address within your region. postage stamps at Fed Ex should be very easy if you stay in larger cities of the world.

Alternatively you can inquire from FedEx contacts online, and even make your purchases and get the stamps delivered to your address at no extra cost. Keep in mind that not all offices offer the online sales. One other benefit of buying stamps through FedEx online sales, is that you can also learn more about shipping rates and process, you can also track your item, or enquire about shipping to other countries. If you are a regular customer, you can manage or pay your bills at FedEx locations nationwide. Easy International Shipping

Can you Buy Stamps at a FedEx – Does FedEx Sell Stamps

Frequently we get asked, does Fedex sell stamps? Or even FedEx Office and Kinkos? When it comes to the issue of where to buy stamps at Fed Ex near me, you can not only find a Fed Ex, but also a Kinkos or Fed Ex Office. Fed Ex and Kinkos partner to share stores and print services and they also sell US postage stamps. If you already have a FedEx Kinkos location near you, you can simply walk into the office and buy your postage stamps.

Does FedEx Sell Stamps and Related FAQ’s

  1. Does FedEx sell stamps? Yes.
  2. How many postage stamps can you buy at Fed Ex? As many as you need to send your item.
  3. How much are stamps at Fed Ex? The same price as you pay at the US postal service.
  4. What type of postage stamps does Fed Ex sell? Various denominations.
  5. Where are the postage stamps located in Fed Ex? You have to ask for them at the register.
  6. Can Fed Ex weigh my package or envelope? Yes.
  7. Does Fed Ex sell envelopes? Yes.
  8. Does Fed Ex sell money orders? No.
  9. What Days is Fed Ex Open? 7 days a week.
  10. What hours is Fed Ex open? Varies by store type and region.

What Does FedEx Sell

Aside from selling stamps, FedEx is also known to sell a number of other things, these include; Office supplies , including printing machines and supplies, USB  flash drives, stationeries, and writing materials. FedEx is also popular for selling packaging and shipping materials. Regardless of whether you are packing or shipping musical instruments, fragile home appliances, office furniture, sports equipment, pieces of artworks, and expensive jewelries, FedEx has the perfect packaging and shipping materials for all items you can think of.

Aside from selling packaging items, and stamps, FedEx is also known to offer varieties of shipping services, these include; General pickups of items locally and internationally, registered mails, bill payments such as electricity , and parking bills, and speed mailing services.

 History of FedEx

The History of FedEx began in 1971 when the first FedEx office was established by Fredrick. W. Smith, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The headquarters of the company has since been moved to Memphis till this day. It is an American International courier company, and currently employees over 400,000 staffs all over the United States alone. The name FedEx, is an abbreviation of Federal Express which was used from 1973 until 2000 when the name FedEx was eventually adopted. The company began operations as an overnight express shipping service provider, alongside the provision of a system that can track the location of different kinds of packages, hence it helped people to pin down their lost packages.

FedEx has been one of the most successful American company since inception, in 2016 alone, the company generated a profit of about $50.4 billion while its operating costs stood at $3.07 billion. Today, FedEx is known to provide logistics and transportation services for many organizations, in addition to shipping and tracking services. FedEx also works with large International warehouse and transportation operators for international freights that require specific period of storage and in-transit handling.

In terms of sizes, FedEx was rated in Forbes top 100 global organizations, and it remains the second largest courier and shipping company in the United States. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as several other stock exchanges worldwide.  FedEx also operates several subsidiaries, including the Kinkos, which provides virtually all services FedEx offers, though the Kinkos are smaller and can be found in places where access to FedEx operations may be difficult.

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