Does Dollar Tree Sell Stamps?

Does Dollar Tree Sell StampsDoes Dollar Tree sell stamps?

No, Dollar Tree does not sell US postage stamps. However you can get postage stamps at similar stores near you. It is likely that another retail location close to your Dollar Tree sells stamps.

Here are a list of popular nationwide stores that sell US stamps:

Where to Buy US Stamps Besides Dollar Tree

LocationCategoryRegionDays OpenWeekday HoursFind
USPS Post Office All StatesMon – Sat9am – 6pmLocator
WalmartSuper Center All StatesMon – Sun24 HoursLocator
TargetSuper Center All StatesMon – Sun8am – 11pmLocator
 CVS PharmacyAll StatesMon – Sun 24 HoursLocator
 Walgreens PharmacyAll StatesMon – Sun 8am – 10pmLocator
 Rite Aid PharmacyAll StatesMon – Sun 8am – 10pmLocator
 UPS Store CourierAll StatesMon – Sun 9am – 7pmLocator
 FedEx CourierAll StatesMon – Sun 7am – 10pmLocator
AmazoneCommerceOnline Mon – Sun 24 hoursOrder Now

Does Dollar Tree Sell Stamps, No, But These Stores Do…

In the list above you can see several popular stores sell postage stamps. These stores include CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart, but there are so many other stores as well. All of these chains have thousands of stores across the United States so it is likely you will have one near you. So while you can’t buy stamps at Dollar Tree, there are plenty of other places to purchase them.

If you order stamps from Amazon they will normally be delivered within 48 hours.

Are Stamps at Retail Stores The Same Price as USPS?

When you buy stamps at a retail store you get them for the same exact price you would pay at your local post office. The only difference is that retail stores don’t have variety. Most big box stores only offer Forever stamps which are non denominational and you can only get them in books of 20. If you needed individual stamps, you could try one of these banks near you.

What Does Dollar Tree Sell?

Well we have already answered the question does Dollar Tree sell stamps, which they don’t…so what do they sell? Dollar Tree sells pretty much everything else. Wrapping paper, cleaning products, tupperware, health and beauty products, toys, and food are among the many items they sell. Whats more is they are a dollar store so almost everything is a $1 or less.

Do any Dollar Stores Sell Stamps?

So far our quest to find a dollar store that sells stamps has come up empty. We have reviewed Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree. I am surprised dollar stores don’t carry them, being an individual stamp costs less than $1. I suppose that since most retails stores that do carry stamps sell books of 20 that may be the reason dollar stores don’t. A book of stamps costs about $10, which might not make sense at a dollar store.

Find a Dollar Tree Near Me

While your local Dollar tree does not sell stamps, they still have a lot to offer. If you are interested in finding a Dollar Tree near you, you can try their store locator on their company website.

Can you buy stamps at Dollar Tree

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